Back In The Saddle Again

In the middle of 2013 I stopped cycling. The End. Nothing.

For 5 years prior to that I took part in events all over the UK, did some pretty spectacular races in Europe and tried to push myself to achieve things I never thought possible. There were some great highlights and some terrible lows. Bad crashes, injuries, hospital visits and so on. In the spring of 2013 I attempted one more international race to try and lift my spirits and confidence. It was a terrible failure. I came home and just stopped riding …

Over time the bikes gathered dust, the tyres deflated and I just couldn’t summon the will or desire to even ride for fun let alone for fitness or any other reason. I’d hoped something might inspire me … anything, but nothing did it.

In the late spring of last year a spark was ignited in tragic circumstances. A cycling friend, who I didn’t see or ride with enough, died in a climbing accident. His spirit and influence were positive for me and I like to think that some of the sheer ridiculous rides I did (200 miles over night etc.) were a positive influence and inspiration for him too. Soon after his passing I knew I wanted to come back and do a ride in his memory and for a chosen charity, I just didn’t know when or where.

One day in November 2014 I decided it was time to get into shape and prepare myself for something. Whatever that event / race might be I needed to get ready and be in shape. It would take longer than a couple of weeks to get ready. From somewhere I found some motivation and desire and to cut this ‘comeback’ story down just a little bit I’m returning to the exact race I last took part in back in 2013 – The Race Across Italy.

The 2015 Race Across Italy will be on April 11th. A 500 mile race I have to finish in a maximum of 42 hours.

I have been in moderate training since November and serious training since December. I have had to start all over again having done nothing for over 18 months.

To complete this race I have to end a dreadful sequence of results … I have NEVER finished a race outside of the UK.

I’m going to do the race for a chosen charity and in memory of a fallen friend so I’m racing for Cancer Research and hoping to raise £1,000. You can help by donating at my Just Giving site by clicking on the banner below.


I have the desire, the motivation and the will to succeed. Now I have less than three months to change my body, get super fit and get my head in the game.

There is a finish line out there … I just have to find it!


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