How can we level the playing field for emerging bands?

The live music industry is so messed up. New bands are destined to fail and at no point are given a fair chance because of ridiculous fees, expectations, charges and unethical deals that benefit anyone and everyone other than the band and band members themselves. Firstly let me start by saying this is not meant […]

Dirty Deeds? My thoughts on Brian Johnson’s speedy retirement.

The current AC/DC situation stinks. No two ways about it. As someone who has worked in the media, and alongside journalists for two decades, I know all about ‘read between the lines’ stories, smokescreens, spin, bullshit etc and on this I call bullshit! Earlier in the week I was accused of being disgusting and disrespectful […]

Bands won’t come and play in your living room (well Dan Reed might!)

Whenever a band or artist confirms a tour, the first comment should usually be something like “Great … a tour” but these days it’s getting outweighed by the “I see they aren’t playing in … ” (insert location that is beyond the realms of their own back garden!). People get really pissy and offended by it […]

Musical Taste

Happy New Christmas Year birthday or whatever type thing! There is something I’ve struggled to reason musically with some people recently, in fact many people. I don’t know if it’s an age thing, or a type of person(s) or groups but I see and hear it more and more from groups of people that listen […]