Bands won’t come and play in your living room (well Dan Reed might!)

Whenever a band or artist confirms a tour, the first comment should usually be something like “Great … a tour” but these days it’s getting outweighed by the “I see they aren’t playing in … ” (insert location that is beyond the realms of their own back garden!). People get really pissy and offended by it because they might have to travel to a gig. God forbid!

That’s half the fun, getting friends or family together for a little (or big) road trip, making a night of it, sharing the driving, or getting the train, staying over and so on.

So many people get offended and aggressive because this big band aren’t playing the near their Cornish village or on the Dorset coast and so on. Ironically a lot of bands and artists ARE playing out in the towns and villages more these days and months. Look at Joanne Shaw Taylor’s autumn tour, Bullet For My Valentine are getting out there and Alice Cooper’s two headline shows are in … Plymouth and Swindon! People just like to moan!

People do need to be realistic. Some places just aren’t that accessible or/and local demand isn’t there regardless of the few from there that might moan. True you aren’t likely to get many (if any) high profile gigs in Bodmin, Isle Of Skye, Wick, Isle Of Man etc. but you never did and never will and that is down to location.

A lot of welsh people say they get ignored and whilst to a point that is true, there are plenty of gigs at all size venues throughout the year there. What I also know to be true of the welsh venues, having seen it first hand myself, is that they don’t sell well – for whatever reason – they just don’t. I’ve seen tour sales be great elsewhere and then that Cardiff date, or somewhere else in Wales lets it down.

Merthyr Rocks as a festival was a great idea but it just couldn’t get the numbers. I don’t know why, but promoters and bands will be mindul of a factor like this when booking.

The point being it’s not just bands or promoters who say “Don’t fancy going there” it’s often down to several factors including logistics, cost, sales etc

I say this as someone who ALWAYS had to travel to any “local gigs” after I moved to Leeds in 1999. Back then there was no arena, no academy and no decent touring venues at all. You always had to go to Manchester, Sheffield or Liverpool. You just did it. Like I said, half the fun!

My advice is either embrace the day out and have some fun with friends and family or just stay home and shut up ;o)


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