youth football

Youth Football Coaching

Hey all Time seems to have escaped me recently. My writings have become more sparse the busier I have become (I’m sure there is a correlation between the two things!) Last year, in addition to all my ongoing stuff I started taking an FA course with a view to becoming a qualified football coach. That […]


Less than 24 hours to the London Marathon

JUNE 2017 I had an unfortunate incident at my youngest son’s sports day during the parent’s race. It was about a 70-metre sprint for the dads and I managed to tear BOTH hamstrings at exactly the same time! I haven’t felt a searing pain like it in my life. I could barely move in any […]


London Marathon 2018 In Support of CALM

After finishing the 1,060-mile bike ride on the Road to Rockstock in December 2016 and following on from November 2015’s Ride to Rockstock I said that I would be ‘doing nothing in 2017, and for 2018 … who knows?’ In 2017 I did indeed do nothing and now I know what I’m doing for 2018. […]


Road To Rockstock 2016

I always said after last year’s Ride To Rockstock that if anything like that was ever to be done again then it would need to be bigger and better! To recap, last year I rode 200 miles in 20 hours straight, from London to Wales and raised over £40,000 for CALM. This year is going to a […]


How can we level the playing field for emerging bands?

The live music industry is so messed up. New bands are destined to fail and at no point are given a fair chance because of ridiculous fees, expectations, charges and unethical deals that benefit anyone and everyone other than the band and band members themselves. Firstly let me start by saying this is not meant […]


Dirty Deeds? My thoughts on Brian Johnson’s speedy retirement.

The current AC/DC situation stinks. No two ways about it. As someone who has worked in the media, and alongside journalists for two decades, I know all about ‘read between the lines’ stories, smokescreens, spin, bullshit etc and on this I call bullshit! Earlier in the week I was accused of being disgusting and disrespectful […]


Ride to Rockstock Review

So it happened. The Ride To Rockstock … full of adventure, stories, highs and lows. The original plan was for the ride to be 185 miles with a bit of rain expected at some point. What occurred was something very different … I was hoping to set off quietly and just get on with it, […]


I didn’t want to live anymore

After keeping it away, silent and hidden in recent times, I now realise it’s not something to be ashamed or embarrassed about. If talking about it makes someone else feel less awkward about admitting their own experience, then it can’t possibly be a bad thing. I guess that’s the underlying thinking behind this. No bad […]

Za'atri-Refugee-Camp, JordanZa'atri-Refugee-Camp, Jordan

The Refugee Crisis

Image: Za’atari Refugee Camp, Jordan. When it comes to social commentary I like to think of myself as fairly broad minded. I take things with a pinch of salt, I don’t believe everything I see and hear and try to take an open minded overview of certain situations. The last few days has genuinely shocked […]


Judge, Jury and Executioner

Social media seems to be the new form of modern day lynching. I don’t know about you but I’m starting to find it all a bit uncomfortable. From the comfort of our own phones, or keyboards, we have become judge, jury and “executioner” deciding when someone has done something wrong and then encouraging an uprise […]