Za'atri-Refugee-Camp, JordanZa'atri-Refugee-Camp, Jordan

The Refugee Crisis

Image: Za’atari Refugee Camp, Jordan. When it comes to social commentary I like to think of myself as fairly broad minded. I take things with a pinch of salt, I don’t believe everything I see and hear and try to take an open minded overview of certain situations. The last few days has genuinely shocked […]

Judge, Jury and Executioner

Social media seems to be the new form of modern day lynching. I don’t know about you but I’m starting to find it all a bit uncomfortable. From the comfort of our own phones, or keyboards, we have become judge, jury and “executioner” deciding when someone has done something wrong and then encouraging an uprise […]

Bands won’t come and play in your living room (well Dan Reed might!)

Whenever a band or artist confirms a tour, the first comment should usually be something like “Great … a tour” but these days it’s getting outweighed by the “I see they aren’t playing in … ” (insert location that is beyond the realms of their own back garden!). People get really pissy and offended by it […]

Race Across Italy Review

The race that was … that wasn’t. My race across Italy was a great success in many ways yet so disappointing and frustrating in others. The headlines are  – 400 miles covered in 35 hours and over £1600 raised for Cancer research. So the race itself.  My physical preparation and state of mind were great. […]

Race Across Italy Progress

Less than one month to go till the Race Across Italy. This will no doubt be the last preview blog with the next one most likely a race review – with hopefully good news. Flights are booked, vehicles sorted, and now it’s just the logistics of arranging flight cases, mechanics etc. who will be with […]

Shortcake or Oat Cakes?

I’ve said it for a long time, and I still maintain, that if eating healthy was cheap(er) and a LOT more appetising then more people would do it. But why would the masses spend £5 or £6 on organic fruit, veg, with fresh meal ingredients and £2 or £3 on a smoothie type drink when […]

Back In The Saddle Again

In the middle of 2013 I stopped cycling. The End. Nothing. For 5 years prior to that I took part in events all over the UK, did some pretty spectacular races in Europe and tried to push myself to achieve things I never thought possible. There were some great highlights and some terrible lows. Bad […]

Ignorance Sometimes Really Is Bliss!!

When did social media become such a miserable place to dwell on world misery? The (rough) time line of (popular) social internet use went roughly like this – 1997-2004 – Chatrooms. Places where people would usually lie in attempt to get random strangers to meet them with a view to bedding them (Pre-picture messaging days […]

Musical Taste

Happy New Christmas Year birthday or whatever type thing! There is something I’ve struggled to reason musically with some people recently, in fact many people. I don’t know if it’s an age thing, or a type of person(s) or groups but I see and hear it more and more from groups of people that listen […]