Race Across Italy Progress

Less than one month to go till the Race Across Italy. This will no doubt be the last preview blog with the next one most likely a race review – with hopefully good news.

Flights are booked, vehicles sorted, and now it’s just the logistics of arranging flight cases, mechanics etc. who will be with me during the 42 hour race.

As we are now in March it’s also the time I have to ramp up the training both in quantity and quality. I can’t say I’m not going to be in decent shape.

My diet has dramatically been overhauled and I’m pleased I’ve maintained For Goodness Shakesit (oatcakes in, doughnuts out!) I’ve done spin classes, sprint training, endurance training, and hill sessions and last week I started training at The Altitude centre in London with oxygen the equivalent of 7500ft above sea level (around 15% less than at sea level).

For Goodness Shakes have kindly donated a stack of shakes to fuel my training and recovery. I’m happy to give them a plug because they offer a great product.

I still haven’t been on the road which although not ideal isn’t too concerning because I’m becoming disciplined and well trained in a controlled indoor environment.

I’m over my weight now as well! I just don’t lose it … I now just convert to muscle! I’m a super heavyweight rider!! But at least I look buff!(ish) at 16 stone! Yes 16 stone! I have a beard and very long hair now (which could take 2 lbs off me). Yes I know cyclists (like Jockeys) could do with being light, but it just doesn’t happen for me.

Preparation wise I’ve given it all I can (and still am) and I’m closing in on the £1,000 target for Cancer Research which many have you have contributed to. And I thank you for that.

You can still sponsor me at my just giving site:


I have to dash as I have a spin class to get to ;oJ


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