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There is something I’ve struggled to reason musically with some people recently, in fact many people. I don’t know if it’s an age thing, or a type of person(s) or groups but I see and hear it more and more from groups of people that listen to me at work and also people in certain music venues around the UK.

A certain anomaly that seems to apply to a certain kind of rock music fan……….

Growing up in the 80’s and even through the early and mid 90’s, if you were a rock fan, you were an outsider. You were made to feel almost inferior to dare to be different. No scrub that; you were made to feel totally inferior. Our musical opinions were instantly dismissed and we were literally frowned upon.

Because of this I always presumed the rock music fan would be very tolerable as they grew up, understanding and open minded to name a few traits.

I’ve found many over the past couple of years to be quite the opposite!

Despite knowing what it’s like to be dismissed and looked down upon they do the same with regards to different styles of music….and even different styles of rock!

I honestly don’t get it!

There are groups of people who get very judgmental and critical when I say that I used to work for Heart fm and that I (on occasion) listen to a different artist like David Guetta.

The same kind of people that deride the likes of Coldplay, Nickelback, Muse etc without even listening to them. The same people that won’t entertain any kind of genre or band change beyond the handful of artists they approve.

Even Coldplay’s Chris Martin says in one of their songs “How can you know it if you don’t even try?”.

Is this an age issue? Or did the years of constantly being made to feel an outsider or judged by others make these people adopt the “If you can’t beat them join them” attitude? Either way, can we stop it please? It doesn’t poison your soul to acknowledge or even like other types of things in life (not just music)……and it doesn’t mean you are going to go off things you do like and love!

In other words, admitting you might like a bit of Take That doesn’t mean you’ll love Motley Crue any less!

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